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Dear visitor,

My site is Under Construction. I can give you a glimpse of my next novel, the Amazon and the Beast, though.

Cursed by a goddess, three days a year Leroy turns into a savage beast. Having murdered countless people, he could only end his rampage when he locked himself in a cage forged in the fires of a volcano. His raging beast was prepared for anything during its confinement, except for a little Amazon.

Kellsey Callahan has everything an Amazon could wish for. Six kick-ass brothers, a rock chick's posse, Scotland’s finest asylum for a home, and a pet Kraken. Everything except her childhood crush Leroy “Indiana” Leandros. He wouldn’t even touch her when she had jumped into his bed. Naked, as a surprise, eight years ago.

When during a game of Truth or Dare she’s challenged to steal a kiss from Leroy, she decides to shoot him with Cupid’s arrow. It’s just a cute, little, pink arrow. What could possibly go wrong?